A PLR planner is a great way to quickly and easily add a profitable product to your shop or blog posts to not only monetize your blog content but add value for your readers.

How to Use a PLR Planner

PLR (Private Label Rights) planners make use of existing material, allowing you to get ahead on your posting schedule, shop listings, and save time while still creating quality content.

You can customize the content through edits, rearranging, and adding extra value such as tips and strategies that are relevant to moms or your specific niche.

By using a PLR content wisely, you can achieve great results with minimal effort and low out of pocket cost.

Incorporating PLR in Blog Posts

Using a PLR printable on your blog is an easy and efficient way to create content. Start by finding an existing printable that covers the topics you wish to discuss.

Next, customize the content to fit your needs and preferences by rearranging it, making edits, or adding fresh ideas and insights.

Finally, organize it into the desired format – such as a downloadable PDF or interactive infographic – and publish it on your blog.

By following these steps, you can save time while still producing quality content for your readers.

Adding PLR Planners to an Online Shop

Adding printable planners to your online shop is a great way to provide value to your customers. To get started, find existing printable planners that will be beneficial to your target audience.

Then customize the content of the planner by rearranging it, making edits, or adding fresh ideas and insights.

Once you have customized the planner to fit the needs and preferences of your audience, all that’s left is to create a format for digital delivery – such as a downloadable PDF – and make it available in your shop.

Offering printable planners can help attract repeat customers while also providing valuable resources for them.

Non-exclusive content is perfect for filling holes in your blogging content buckets or shop categories. It’s all about providing your readers what they need, when they need it.

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